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Limitations of Analgesic Treatment in a Severe Sickle Cell Painful Vaso-Occlusive Crisis Complicated or Associated With Focal Involvement- About Two Cases

Painful vaso-occlusive crises constitute the main manifestation of sickle cell anemia diseases. Occurring in various location, their frequency, intensity, and duration are variable for each patient. Relieving the resulting pain is an emergency, but this must take into account the underlying factors or pathologies involved in their occurrence in order to adapt the treatment and obtain an optimal result. This study reports two cases which highlight the complexity of the management of a vaso-occlusive crisis caused by a pathology likely to mimic an event purely related to sickle cell anemia.


Stéphanie Ngimbi Luntadila, Valentin Ngwamah Mukeba, Daniel Mwamba*, Sandra Tshiswaka Mbuyi, Paul Boma Muteb, Jules Panda Mulefu, Stanislas Wembonyama, Oscar Luboya Numbi

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