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Medical Case Reports Volume 8, Issue 12 https:/ Compared to Neuromonitoring of Repetitive Laryngeal Nerves during Thyroidectomy Randomized Clinical Preliminary Perception Betancur Crawford https:/ Psychological Maladaptation Based on Evidence or Psychotherapy for LateLife Depression Michael Hayley https:/ Defects and NetworkBased Psychotherapy Interventions A Synopsis Savvas Finn https:/ Epidemiology of HCV in Saudi Arabia and its Burden on the Health Care System Yara Muallem https:/ The Bobath Concept Case Series Report Klaus Gusowski, Flavious Vorovenci and Peter Flachenecker Medical Case Reports Volume 10, Issue 1 https:/ Hemodynamic Assessment of Renal Conduit Inclusion Ding Yuan https:/ Renal Artery Thrombosis in Renal Transplant Patients Zhouyang Jiao https:/ Arthritis and Renal Artery Stent Apoplexy in Takayasu Eugene Mohan https:/ Carpal Passage Condition in EndStage Renal Sickness Patient Jaime Lime https:/ Renal Conduit Circulatory Trouble in Intense Pyelonephritis Youn Jeong https:/ Diagnostic Pitfalls in Renal Artery Thrombosis Mosk Gadi https:/ Blood Vessel Thromboembolic Inconveniences of Coronavirus Gitu Cocao https:/ Revascularization and Stenting in Atherosclerotic Renal Artery Stenosis John Wale https:/ Neoplasm of the Salivary Glands A Rare Case Report Niema Benkhraba https:/ Leiomyosarcoma of the RectoSigmoid Junction Prolapsing out of the Anus A Case Report Ginimal Bandaralage Kavinda Deshapriya Bandara Medical Case Reports Volume 10, Issue 2 https:/ Fertility Preservation in Early Endometrial Cancer in Infertile PatientsCase Series Nihar Ranjan Bhoi Medical Case Reports Volume 9, Issue 12 https:/ Preserving Ovarian Function in Premenopausal Women with Breast Cancer Borja Trigo https:/ Estradiol Evaluation Challenges in Premenopausal Breast Cancer Juan Liu https:/ Cardiovascular Risk Perception and Health Behavior in Premenopausal Women Suzuki Gill https:/ Premenopausal RiskReducing Surgery on Sexual Functioning in Women Terra Flora https:/ Hormonal Dynamics in Premenopausal Women James Hulla https:/ Diagnosing and Treating Premenopausal Abnormal Uterine Bleeding Xang Li https:/ Bone Health Improvement in Underweight Premenopausal Women Hong Yang https:/ Precision and Challenges in Thoracic Spine Surgical Interventions Anmol Warman https:/ Case Report Suspicion of Amyloidosis Induced Peripheral Neuropathy Amer I Zabalawi Medical Case Reports Volume 9, Issue 11 https:/ Clinical Presentation and Management of MuckleWells Syndrome Kelsey Torres https:/ MuckleWells Syndrome Fever Abdominal Pain and Serositis Laurence Nick https:/ Proteinuria and Arthralgia in MuckleWells Syndrome Examining the Clinical Spectrum Brittany Misty https:/ Precision Medicine in MuckleWells Syndrome Tailoring Treatment for Individual Needs Marc Andrew https:/ Hyperpigmentation Demystified Causes and Effective Solutions Benoit Goff https:/ Hemiplegia The Impact on Motor Function and Daily Living Zhiwei Zhou https:/ Breathless Nights A Comprehensive Guide to Sleep Apnea James Riviello https:/ Thyroid Cancer Demystified Insights into Detection and Management Roger Royster https:/ Portal Vein The Crucial Link between Digestive Organs and Liver Julia Dip https:/ Clinical Ramifications of Dual Inferior Vena Cava Understanding Anatomical Variations and Implications Shinji Onda Medical Case Reports Volume 9, Issue 10 https:/ Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva Heightening Clinical Awareness Victoria Head https:/ Managing Surgical Risks in a Patient Under Evaluation for Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva Jung Yun Bae https:/ Clear Cell Odontogenic Carcinoma of the Mandible An Unusual Case Diagnostic in Ho Ghana Israel Bedzina https:/ Gait Symmetry Restoration in Patients with Common Neurological Diseases During a BodyWeight Supported Treadmill Therapy ProgramA Case Series Study https:/ Fly Larvae Induce Urinary Myiasis with no Urinary Symptoms but with Neurological Compromise Medical Case Reports Volume 9, Issue 9 https:/ Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder Characteristics Diagnosis and Interventions Mehdiratta Kalita https:/ Advances in Autism Diagnosis From Early Indicators to Multidisciplinary Evaluation Qiushi Chen https:/ Empowering Healthcare The Evolution and Importance of Medical Reporting Databases Thomas Chung https:/ Advancements in Veterinary Medicine Enhancing Animal Health and Welfare Alexis Joanna https:/ Severe Malnutrition in an Adolescent A Case Report of Nutritional Assessment and Rehabilitation Agussalim Kimura Medical Case Reports Volume 9, Issue 8 https:/ Hemiplegic Migraine Episode in Ten Years Old Patient https:/ Advances in Cardiac Catheterization Techniques A Comprehensive Review Murphy Kelly https:/ Unusual Presentation of HIV Infection A Case Report of Neurological Manifestations Kivuma Francisca https:/ HIV Transmission Through Organ Transplantation A Rare Case Report https:/ Unusual Presentation of Acute Myocardial Infarction in a Young Athlete Mishra Attias Medical Case Reports Volume 9, Issue 7 https:/ Successful Treatment of Rare Ovarian Germ Cell Tumor with Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Wang Braxton https:/ Prenatal Diet and Child AutismRelated Traits David Laurent https:/ Ayurveda Intervention Leads to Successful Reversal of Diabetes Mellitus Wang Hu https:/ Uncommon Manifestations of Mitochondrial Encephalomyopathy MELAS and Diabetes Nashwan Sato https:/ Uncommon Presentations and Complications of HIV Infection Shwan Sato https:/ Rare Comorbidities and Complications of HIVAIDS Chwan Huge https:/ Lumateperone for Aggression in Autism Spectrum Disorder and Intermittent Explosive Disorder Heffler Gay https:/ Vitamin A Deficiency and Visual Impairment in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Muhasaparur Ann https:/ Comorbid ObsessiveCompulsive Disorder in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Nozaka Thomas https:/ CarbamazepineInduced Epileptic Seizures in Autism Spectrum Disorders Sahoo Neha Medical Case Reports Volume 9, Issue 6 https:/ Miraculous Survival of a Teenager after IVC Filter Migration Imaan Jauhar, Muhammad Mubashir, Misbah Tahir, Muhammad Ali and Bisma Rizwan https:/ Leukapheresis A Therapeutic Procedure for Blood Disorders Marilia Alcoforado https:/ SocioCultural Barriers to Addiction Treatment in Iran Yolanda Jurado https:/ Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia APL Unraveling the Mysteries of a Unique Leukemia Subtype Phillip Michaels https:/ The Cerebrospinal Liquid in Instances of Conceivable Idiopathic Ordinary Tension Hydrocephalus Walter Stummer https:/ Exploring Abuse and Stigma in Addiction Treatment Sharon Lambert https:/ Computational Approaches in Understanding Neurocognitive Dysfunctions in Drug Addiction David Best https:/ Liver Injury Understanding the Causes Symptoms and Treatment Options Robert Percarpio https:/ Clinical and Surgical Complications in Patients with NPH DCM and Double Pathology Nastasia Kifer https:/ Arsenic Trioxide Harnessing an Ancient Remedy for Modern Medicine Karen Cooper Medical Case Reports Volume 9, Issue 5 https:/ Traumatic Tricuspid Valve Infection of the Right Ventricle Jonathan Ogulnick https:/ Adults with Infectious Endocarditis Caused by Congenital Heart Disease Kirsten Leeten https:/ Frontal Cortex Developments Achieved by Uterine Cervical and Endometrial Cancers Xueju Wang https:/ To Study Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma without a Cell DNA Methylation Biomarker Maria A Gubbiotti https:/ Mycoplasma Bovis Antimicrobial Susceptibility and Molecular Characteristics Detlef Schuppan https:/ Blend of Estimating PH and Intraluminal Impedance across Numerous Channels Chiharu Murata https:/ MetalloBetalactamase Quality Obstacle Profiling in Clinical Enterobacteriaceae Isolates Yuko Kumeda https:/ Changes in the Volume of Gray Matter in Patients with Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Missak Haigentz https:/ Celiac Sickness Predominance and Location Rates in Italy Alejandra Auza https:/ A Rare Case of Uterine Didelphys in a Rural Based Tertiary Hospital in Southern Nigeria The Role of Imaging in a Resource Poor Setting Irabor Pamela Isioma, Izevbekhai Stephen Ohikhuemei, Akhigbe Oriazo Theophilus, ObiEgbediEjakpovi EBand Oriaifo Bosede Medical Case Reports Volume 9, Issue 4 https:/ A Predominant Optic Decay Patient with an OPA1 Change Joohyun Park https:/ Large Vessel Vasculitis Diagnosis and FollowUp Using Imaging Hannah Thould https:/ Characteristics of Infectious Vasculitis on Intracranial Vessel Roberto Benavides https:/ Integrating the Environment and Conflict Conditions to Improve Interventions for Childrens Acute Illness Anticipation Matthew Clance https:/ Veins Portrays a Neuropathology of Neuroinflammatory Schizophrenia Caitlyn Kruipe https:/ Maximum Strength in People with Type 2 Diabetes Kanav Goyal https:/ Enhancing Childbirth Care in the Democratic Republic of the Congo Kimiya Kaffash https:/ Liver Transplant Immunosuppression in Sepsis Patients Mariana Curceli https:/ Predict Statin NonAdherence Following Acute Coronary Syndrome Claes Held https:/ A Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome that Complicates a Child with COVID19 Oleksandr Gutnik Medical Case Reports Volume 9, Issue 3 https:/ ConePillar Processed Tomographys TransformerBased Tooth Grouping for Dental Outline Moazam Fraz https:/ Tooth Extraction without Immediate Implant Placement using the Socket Shield Method Mengbo Liu https:/ Explains How Different Peoples Lives are Affected by COVID19 Ahmet Mesut https:/ Neurofibromatosis Type 1 Endovascular Inner Catching of Burst Occipital Conduit Pseudo Aneurysm Levester Kirksey https:/ Myxedema Trance Like State Because of Inherent Hypothyroidism in a Youngster Marwan Dabbagh https:/ Subacute Intestinal Obstruction in a Patient of Congestive Heart Failure Hina Muqeem and Jamal Azmat https:/ StiffPerson Syndrome A Rare Neurological Disorder Amit Mandal https:/ New Application of Five ShuPoints for ChemotherapyInduced Peripheral Neuropathy A Case Report Eric Mengchen Hao https:/ A Rare Case of Inguinal Hernia with Complete Appendix Herniation to the Scrotum Farshad Banouei and Mehdi Komaki https:/ Cause Stroke Patients with Anemia Receiving Excessive Treatment Laurence Arai Medical Case Reports Volume 9, Issue 2 https:/ The AdultOnset Disease is Revealed by Acute Myocarditis Palassin Sun https:/ A Cystic Artery Pseudoaneurysm is the Cause of Acute Hemobilia Kyosuke Ikeda https:/ Parallel Circumflex Femoral Corridor Pseudoaneurysm Sousa Elmi https:/ Extracellular Vesicles are Biomimetically Blended and Enhanced for Bone Healing Qian Zhang https:/ Extrafibrillar Demineralization on the Basis of Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose Sarah Nour https:/ Coagulating emviaem catheter and Thrombin Age Estimation Gregory Polcha https:/ Persistent Venous Deficiency Clinical Signs Brandi Luke https:/ Assuming a Comprehensive Antibacterial Treatment Georgiades Nakano https:/ Methods for Uneven Wound Cuts A LowInterruption Strategy Laurence Arai https:/ A Case Report of Undiagnosed Pheochromocytoma de Bie L Medical Case Reports Volume 9, Issue 1 https:/ Focal Sensory System Microstructural Changes in Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus Xinrun Li https:/ Perspectives from AutoInflammatory Diseases Mediated by IL1 both Simple and Complex Imane Vastert https:/ Neurologic Diseases TimeDependent Changes and Titers of AntiGAD Antibodies Claire Tani https:/ Fever with Periods MuckleWells Syndrome to Stills Disease Edilia Garcia https:/ Mental Comorbidities and Personal Disorders Lisa Christine https:/ Hyperhomocysteinemia and Pregnancy About a Case and Literature Review Bouchaib Allae Eddine, Mamadou Alpha Balde, Abdellah Babahabib, Moulay El Mehdi Elhassani andJaouad Kouach https:/ Cost Effective Trend in Epistaxis Management Roman Sereda https:/ Treatment of Gastric Lymphoma Bleeding Due to Erosion of the Splenic Artery with Transcatheter Arterial Embolization emviaem the Superior Mesenteric Artery Approach TaiLun Chang https:/ The Modulatory Effects of Acupuncture and Herbal Formula on White Blood Cell Hematopoiesis in A TripleNegative Breast Cancer Patient A Case Report Eric Mengchen Hao https:/ Glucose6Phosphate Dehydrogenase Deficiency in a Diabetic Patient with Discordant Hemoglobin HbA1c and Blood Glucose Measurements Corentin Fontaine, Violeta Stojkovic and K Triches Medical Case Reports Volume 7, Issue 10 https:/ An Uncommon Differential of Sciatica pJonathan Tanios1, Shannon A Wong1, Nameana M Seve2, Alfred Song1,2p https:/ Critical COVID19 Pneumonia with Acute Respiratory Failure in a Healthy 12yearold Girl pDolezalova K1, Cabelova T1, Hecht T1, Heinige P2p https:/ Pediatric Chemotherapy Effect on Peripheral Neuropathy pSamer Salahp https:/ Case Report on CarbidopaLevodopa induced Hypokalemia pSaerah Simon1, Krupa Saji1, Joseph John2p https:/ CARDIOLOGIST pNasih Ahmedp Medical Case Reports Volume 8, Issue 11 https:/ Suppressing Ovulation Promotes the Production of Euploid Eggs Jason Clark https:/ Treatment for an Initial Diagnosis of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Pestronk Kelly https:/ Histoplasmosis is a Systemic Fungal Disease Caused by the Fungus Pasqualotto Herc https:/ Pathogenesis of Endometriosis Diagnosis and Therapeutic Targets Kallas Guzel https:/ Contribution of Carbohydrates and Lipid Metabolism to the Development Montalban Calabrese Medical Case Reports Volume 8, Issue 9 https:/ Granulomas are a Sign of Histoplasmosis but Sarcoidosis can also have them Granulomas are a Sign of Disease Bobbi Pritt https:/ Systemic Inflammatory Diseases are also involved in these Chronic Digestive Tract Inflammation Disorders C Shovlin https:/ Case Study from UCDGlycerol Phenylbutyrate and Ornithine Transcarbamylase Deficiency in Female Patients Luca James Bartley https:/ Metabolism of Carbohydrates and Lipids Role in MS Development Mikael Cohen https:/ Factors at the Molecular Level that Play a Role in the Pathogenesis of Endometriosis Luca Giannella Medical Case Reports Volume 8, Issue 8 https:/ Posterior Neuroblastoma with Spinal Cord Extension Presenting at an Unusual Age Case Report with Literature Review Jihad Boularab, Hind Sahli, Chaimae Lahlou, Siham El Haddad, Nazik Allali and Latifa Chat https:/ An Interesting Case of Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome CAIS Imaging Features in Ultrasound and MRI Revanth RB, Deepti Naik, Yashas Ullas L and Shanthala Sawkar https:/ Recovering Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder A Pediatric Case Study from an Audio logical Perspective Vishnu Mohan Medical Case Reports Volume 8, Issue 10 https:/ The demand for dentoalveolar surgery skyrocketed as people got older Ross Keat https:/ Several forms of sclerosis are linked to intrathecal antibody synthesis against viruses Ales Bartos https:/ In Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery antibiotic prophylaxis was promoted Axel Meisgeier https:/ A chronic inflammatory demyelinating disease multiple sclerosis Manuel Anaya https:/ Does Topical Antifungal Treatment Plus Conventional Treatment Modality Improve Prognosis in Rhinoorbitocerebral Mucormycosis Tuba Bayindir1, Sukru Aydin1, Mehmet Fatih Erbay2, Canan Ates Gurso3, Yuksel Toplu3 and Yasar Bayindir4 Medical Case Reports Volume 8, Issue 6 https:/ Primary ExtraMedullary Plasmacytoma with Diffuse Lymph Node Involvement Lymphoma Diagnostic Mimicry A Case Report and Review of the Literature https:/ Huriez a Squamous Cell Carcinoma Prone Syndrome A Case Report Hala Halbony, Mehmet Bekerecioglu and Sezen Kocarslan https:/ Tissue Defect Repair over the Achilles Tendon Which Flap and which Graft Halbony H, Ceviz M, Dincgozoglu A and Bekerecioglu M https:/ Two Unusual cases of Second Cancerthe Worst Nightmare of Cancer Survivor Annapoorani Varadarajan, Jyoti Sawhney, Suchita Patel and Dhaval Jetly https:/ Significant Response to Sunitinib in an Adult with Advanced clear cell Sarcoma ofthe Kidney Report of a Rare Case and Literature Review Samer Salah, Jakub Khzouz, Mais Zmaily, Omar Jaber, Fawzi Abuhijla and Ramiz Abu Hijlih Medical Case Reports Volume 8, Issue 5 https:/ Spontaneous Pneumothorax in a NonMechanically Ventilated COVID19 Patient Priya Jha, Kathryn JO Connell and Sama Alreddawi https:/ From Frontal Lobe Injury to Homelessness A Case Study of A 63YearOld Womans Suicidality and Homelessness Secondary to Traumatic Brain Injury Sequelae Rutvi Patel and Joseph Podolski https:/ ReDetectable SarsCoV2An Emerging Problem in Recovered SarsCoV2 Patients in COVID Pandemic Jyotsna Agarwal and Jaya Garg https:/ Modified Accelerated Infusion Thrombolysis and Heparinization Approach inAcute Ischemic Stroke Reocclussion Rusly Rusly https:/ Pneumonia Amidst the COVID19 Pandemic A Diagnostic Perplexity Arushi Mohan, Abhinaya Shekhar ,Brunda MS and Prakash Doraiswamy Medical Case Reports Special Issue on 11th International Congress on Clinical and Medical Case Reports September 1415, 2020 Webinar https:/ Sebaceous Gland Ectopia of the Esophagus A Challenging Clinical Diagnosis Antonietta Baffa, Domenico Coppola https:/ ChronicVomiting Induced Recurrent Spontaneous Pneumomediastinum Case Report Youssef Halhoul1, Salaheddine El Miskini4, Mouaad Amraoui2, Sara Koualla3, Saad Zidouh4, Lahcen Belyamani4 https:/ Coronavirus Immunization Acknowledgment Aversion and Refusal among Canadian Medical Care Laborers Mona Andrews https:/ The Study of Disease Transmission of Persistent Kidney Infection Lila Eatz Medical Case Reports Volume 8, Issue 4 https:/ A Case on Immature Microorganism Treatments Michael A Freitas https:/ Genomic Fluctuation at DNA Level Hongbin Yan https:/ Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Following Anticoagulation Therapy in a Patient withInfective Endocarditis Complicated by Ischemic Stroke Seyma Eroglu and Ilhan Birsenogul Medical Case Reports Volume 8, Issue 3 https:/ A Brief note on Phagocytic Predation on Fungi Carlos Guertin https:/ A Review on Socioeconomic Nazanin Farhadi https:/ Deformities in the Face Such as a Depressed Cheekbone Shin Ah Son https:/ A Note on Immunocompetent Individual ItraconazoleResistant Mansuang Yospaiboon https:/ Clinical Expression Varies Between Different PD Types Lisa Sharan Medical Case Reports Volume 8, Issue 7 https:/ Of Late is the Covid19 Among the ReEmerged Viral Infections during Recent Years and what nextPossible Reasons and Precautions Musturi Venkataramana https:/ Management of Lung Cancer through AyurvedaA Case Study Beena MD and P Sudhakar Reddy https:/ Primary Autoimmune Neutropenia in Infancy Presenting with Agranulocytosis A Case Report Tharindi Suriapperuma , Zainab Razeen, Chinthaka Botheju and Manel Panapitiya https:/ Complex Tibia Open Fracture with Bone Loss Sachin Sulepetkar https:/ Pseudo Aneurysm of the Right Hepatic Artery after Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy a Case Study Medical Case Reports Volume 8, Issue 1 https:/ A Pursuit of Electronic Information Bases was directed for Randomized pSally Shieldsp https:/ The Prerequisites of Good Capacity is the Best Significant Removal in the LowerLimit pJacob Aitkenp https:/ The Osteotomy of the Ischium also leaves the Sacral Ligaments pGalindo Zavalap https:/ Home Grown Medications as the Significant Cure in Conventional Arrangement pSakshi Kaurp https:/ The Valuable Impacts of Natural Medications in Patients pShurui Chenp Medical Case Reports Volume 8, Issue 2 https:/ Hemoglobinosis DPunjab in a Moroccan Family Medical Case Reports Volume 7, Issue 1 https:/ MisC in A Very Preterm Elbw Neonate Due To In Utero Maternal SarsCov2 Igg Exposure pAtraya Samanta1, Indranil Karmakar1, Ruchi Golash2, Arnab Haldar3p https:/ A Case Report of Covid19 in a 13dayold new born pSajad Nourolahi MD1 , Ashraf DirekvandMoghadam MD2 , Mina Hoori MD3 , Rezvan Hoori MD4p https:/ Blind Approach Posterior Tampon with Foley Catheter for Mallampati Class IVPatient during Covid19 Pandemic Era pRusly, Sy Bellia Kharismap https:/ Cutaneous Lymphangioma Circumcriptum Successfully Treated with Cryotherapy pOlolade 1, Zacchaeus S2 and Olawore, Nureni O2p