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A Case Report of Organizing Pneumonia /IgG4 Related Diseases

Organizing pneumonia form of idiopathic interstitial pneumonia characterized by lung inflammation and scarring that obstructs the small airways and air sacs of the lungs (alveoli). Organising pneumonia is defined pathologically by the presence in the distal air spaces of buds of granulation tissue progressing from fibrin exudates to loose collagen containing fibroblasts. Since organising pneumonia is a non-specific inflammatory pulmonary process, it may result from a number of causes. Pathologists may report features of organising pneumonia in association with conditions such as infectious pneumonia, lung abscess, empyema, lung cancer, bronchiectasis, broncholithiasis, chronic pulmonary fibrosis, aspiration pneumonia (giant cells and foreign bodies usually are present), adult respiratory distress syndrome, pulmonary infarction, and middle lobe syndrome. This is an interesting, yet challenging case trying to formulate a diagnosis of a patient presented with worsening of dyspnea over more than a year. The patient has history of unsuccessful treatment of eosinophilic asthma with biological agents while also on treatment with prednisone for query organizing pneumonia.


Naveen Dogra*

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