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Infarcted Wandaring Spleen: A Case Report

Introduction: Spleen is fixed by many ligaments and being wandering and especially presentation with torsion is rare phenomenon. If diagnosed, more common in children than adults. Patients with wandering spleen can present with acute abdomen features.

Case presentation: Here we are going to stress as wandering spleen can present as one of differentials for acute abdomen in the form of infarction.

Twenty-year-old male patient from abrajira (malaria endemic area) presented with dull aching abdominal pain of 2 weeks duration with 2 episodes of non-blood mixed non projectile vomiting of ingested matter and lower abdominal swelling of one year.

Conclusion: Wandering spleen, especially with infarction is rare case in the world and if it happens it is due to laxity or absence of supporting structures.


Mezgebu Bogale , Getachew Yenus

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