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An Update on the Place of ART with SARS CoV2-around and Influence on Both Reproduction,Transmission Possibilities to, Progeny, Partners and Staff?What is the Answer

Since the initiation of COVID 19 infection in Wuhan China, in November 2019 the whole world has been battling with the COVID 19 Disease. We have earlier reviewed COVID 19 with respect to viral structure similarities with other Corona viruses, main clinical features and kept on updating management as and when some insight is gained. We briefly covered the aspect of influence on pregnancy, vertical transmission, lactation safety, along with presence of controversial findings regarding presence of the virus in semen or absence and safety of intercourse with regards to transmission. It had been observed males are more affected by the disease with mortality greater in them both in Chinese studies along with New York statistics probably due to lack of exposure of male antigens getting recognized as self by the immune system. With the spread of COVID 19 to European Countries with so many ICU admissions they faced shortage of OT’s, ICU’S and hence all routine procedures were banned in Italy, Spain and then whole world European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE), American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) recommendations banned ART worldwide but gradually reintroduction is being considered. Hence it became vital to get an insight into how the virus affects both the male and female reproduction, probability of involving the next generation through embryos and transmission to staff with pandemic not subsiding. Here we tried to update the present day knowledge on the same utilizing a PubMed search engine with the MeSH terminology; SARS-CoV2; male reproduction; female reproduction; gametes; embryos; transmission through placenta till date along with utilizing the WHO worldometer site to update the current disease status in world and the current recommendations for prospective ART introduction back gradually and how to ensure safety of patients, health care personnel dealing with secretions like semen follicular fluid along with safety of embryos and precautions needed in embryology laboratory to be back on the right path as earlier be it with regards to vitrification, medication cycles along with IVF/ICSI Procedures.


Kulvinder Kochar Kaur*, Gautam Allahbadia, Mandeep Singh

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